Go Digital or Go To Hell: Is this a Real Threat?

Welcome to this weeks edition, in which I discuss Digital Transformation for businesses in the private, public, and development sectors. Today, we will discuss why its vital to go digital, but I am not sure if failing to do so will land you in hell.
However, the evidence is clear and the verdict is in: digital transformation is todays most important business driver. Businesses that do not embrace the journey will fall behind their competition and customers.

The pervasiveness of digital technology in our daily lives is inescapable. And its critical for marketers to keep up with these changes in order to be in front of target audiences when and when they're working, seeking answers, and, most crucially, looking to make a purchase.

This increasingly digital-centric approach is so important that many refer to it as the digital marketing transformation a ”leveraging the most advanced automated technologies to apply cutting-edge marketing technology to create improved ROI for customers. A marketer's approach to attracting, engaging, and working with interested leads has never been the same. And for many businesses, marketing is no longer seen as an expense, but as a new source of income.

Here are some crucial factors to consider while weighing the advantages of embracing this new paradigm:
  • Technology and marketing are no longer diametrically opposed. They are working together to create data-driven solutions based on real-time, factual outcomes.
  • Marketing automation improves personalization across the sales cycle. Lead score segmentation enables the dissemination of tailored communications based on level of interest and purchase action.
  • The driving force behind agility and optimization is analytics. Rather than waiting for campaigns to end before assessing results, real-time analytics allow you to make changes on the go, increasing ROI.

So, what comes next? It's time to find the right marketing partner to help you overcome the challenges of this strategy transformation, someone who can:
  1. Manage big data. While marketing automation technology makes it easier to gather, analyze, and aggregate data, applying and maintaining it takes an experienced, sophisticated digital marketing staff.
  2. Understand the consumer experience. Even the greatest marketing technologies will be ineffective if you don't understand the numerous aspects and triggers that might impact behaviour throughout the purchase cycle.
  3. Stay ahead of the curve by anticipating what will happen next. Keeping up with the rapid advancement of technology as it affects social media, mobile usage, and other areas will have a significant impact on your ability to sell across all demographics.
87% of organizations think that a digital marketing transformation provides a competitive advantage. What do you think? Think quickly, before technology slips you by.
Today, digital transformation is the most important driver in business. There has certainly been a tremendous shift in purchasing behaviour, and the way people consume content and information which can only be met by engaging clients in the new digital spaces where they reside every day. Convenience, quickness, and simplicity of use are important to consumers. Businesses that do not embrace the journey will fall behind their competition and customers.

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