Is the Social Media Revolution Coming to an End?

I'm writing to inform you that the social media revolution has come to an end. Major news organizations and corporations are already on Snapchat, Clubhouse, Instagram, Twitter, and so on... and the hashtag is as ubiquitous as a newspaper.

If you're one of the numerous Tanzanian companies that already use social media for marketing and communication, you understand how useful it can be. I'd want to assist you in increasing the value of that asset, but it all begins with understanding one critical principle:

Social media replaces nothing while complementing everything, yet ancient corporate etiquette guidelines remain and, in my view, are more vital than ever.

Individuals will always purchase from people they know, like, and trust. Businesses on social media are analogous to DJs blasting tweets and sharing photos as listeners search stations for something to listen to.

So, what should your organization or business do? Provide your audience or consumers with what they want- material. Brands may interact in social media with the use of content. It aids in your discovery. It assists you in being a reputable entity, and eventually, it assists firms in becoming loved and building community inside social media.

90 per cent of information communicated to our brains and 90 per cent of information conveyed to our brains is visual, and pictures are processed in the brain 60,000 times quicker than text. Did you know that? The retina is connected to 40% of nerve fibres.

On social media, use images to get someone's attention. And I'm not just talking about solely visual social networks like Snapchat, Instagram, and Tiktok.

On LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, visuals dominate the timelines. What images are most suited to your company or organization? Make a visual voice for yourself, but don't stop there. You may advertise, self-promote, and publish as much as you want on social media, but unless and until others share your content with their communities, friends, and networks, your social media presence isn't really employing word-of-mouth marketing, is it?

Celebrating your social media followers, employees, customers, and partners should be a top focus. And the advantages to your company will go well beyond social media.

There is a more efficient way to cut through the clutter. It's known as paid social.

You may complain all you want about having to pay to play on social media, but intelligent businesses and marketers understand that, for the first time in advertising history, you have the capacity to micro-target and ensure that your message is seen by the precise demographic you want to see it.

The issue with social media is that there are more tweets and postings than there are people. There is so much information to select, develop, and post that you quickly discover that social networking is a time-consuming endeavour.

Those who remain suspicious may inquire, "What exactly is the ROI of social media?" I'd want to know what the ROI is for everything you do in your business.

What is the ROI on all of your newspaper or magazine ad investments? At the end of the day, marketing and advertising are all about where your customer is.

Social media, on the other hand, is a completely unique communication channel for one fundamental reason: it is always changing. Consider this: the social networks we use, the functionality provided by each of these social networks, and the way we use them are all continuously evolving.

In fact, I like to conceive of social media as one massive experiment. As a result, when I initially started out as a social media strategy consultant, I looked for frameworks for managing experiments that I could apply to social media marketing.

It was then that I remembered learning about the Deming circle in my early days of work. The Deming circle is another name for the Deming circle, which is also known as the PDCA circle. The letter P represents for the plan; the letter D stands for doing; the letter C stands for the check; and the letter A stands for action, act upon, or optimize. And it's a never-ending cycle; you have to be optimized all the time.

When we apply this to social media, it's incredibly interesting because the companies who are asking about the ROI of social media are the ones that never had a plan to begin with, but they're really good at the D or doing because that's all they're doing and they're never checking.

As a consequence, they don't know how to optimize. I want to make sure you don't become one of these companies. As you can see, social media is quickly becoming an important medium of communication.

Being productive on social media requires a change of viewpoint, but this is something that everyone reading this email can learn. But remember new tools, old rules.

With your new social media mentality, I advise you to consider where in your organization, company, or non-profit organization, nearly every department, you can utilize social media to better your business and communication overall. In other words, include social media into everything!

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