Digital Marketing

We help brands make sense and succeed in digital marketing from; Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Media, Data Analytics + Business Intelligence, Content Marketing, Digital PR and Influencer Marketing. Specifically, we help in;

Content and Copywriting

Blogs? Whitepapers? Copywriting? Social Content? Photography? Videos? Podcasts? Serengeti Bytes’ trusted collective of creative and digital suppliers will make it happen.

Viral Content

Your content needs to be seen. Waiting for organic growth is one option, but immediate shares, likes and retweets is a much better possibility. We can help your brand capitalise on the power of creative viral content together with content marketing. Your audience will be sharing your products without you asking them to. Won't you explore such a possibility?

Influencer Marketing Management; Social and Digital

Our deeply rooted digital knowledge will help your business find the right influential people that will assist your marketing, communications, and public relations efforts. We shall identify individuals with command and respect over targeted customers and orient them with both your PR and marketing activities. We have just done exactly that with numerous other brands, and they are happy, you will be too.

Our unique engagement model ensures true collaborations between brands and influencers. Our online work is steeped in strategic insights and clever content.

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